Helpful Chrome Extensions for your WooCommerce site

These are the Chrome Extensions I use on a day to day basis to do all my tasks.


Identifies what technologies are used on each site. For example, if I visit Oneshot Media I can easily see that this site is using WordPress and WooCommerce. This is perfect if you are curious how a site was built and if it is using WordPress or not.

Inbox When Ready

Email is a big distraction. I use Inbox When Ready to trim down the amount of times I check my email. I often check my email to feel busy but should be focused on other tasks.


Cool new tab extension that shows you the time, weather, to do list, etc.

Redirect Path

Helpful if I create a new site and make sure redirects are not chained. For example, if I am forcing HTTPS and use non-www as the preferred domain for I want no chain in between.

  • redirects to
  • redirects to

This is the result I want:

  • redirects to

Keywords Everywhere

I do not consider myself a SEO expert. However, I probably make 100 google searches per day. I am somewhat curious in seeing the monthly search volume as it could help me build my next product.


Really helpful if a client of yours needs you to debug Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager events firing. DataSlayer adds an additional tab to your browser console to make it easy to see all the events when you are on the site.

Pro tip: enable this Chrome Extension to be viewable in Incognito Mode so you can test without having to constantly clear your cache, cookies, etc.
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