How to fix a Slow WordPress Multisite site and backend?

Optimize a slow WordPress multi-site backend with these tips.

Do you even need multi-site?

A lot of times I see users that have WordPress multi-site even though they just have 1 WordPress site. Do not use multi-site unless you have a very very very good reason to do so.

Plugin performance

If you are using or planning on having multiple WordPress sites on multi-site, look at how your plugins are installed.

In fact, I would recommend only activating each plugin on each individual site in multi-site.

If you only have 1 site running, merge your site from multi-site to a single site.

Get better hosting

I’m serious. Use a platform like Kinsta to speed up your WordPress backend fast! Yes, their hosting plans are $30/month but so so worth it. They have free migrations from any hosting provider you have to make this hassle-free. Sign up today!

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