How We Setup Wholesale Ecommerce ERP integration in WooCommerce

A long-time provider of performance apparel and outerwear, StormCreek boasts a wide array of products and accessories to their customers along with a comprehensive marketplace for their retail partners.

We designed and developed their wholesale e-commerce website.

When StormCreek contacted SG Web Partners, they wanted to swap their BigCommerce-based B2C and B2B retail portals for alternatives built on WooCommerce and develop a custom integration module that would facilitate automated order and pricing synchronization between the new websites and its existing Filemaker enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

We went to work immediately, transferring mission-critical data from the existing BigCommerce sites to two new portals based on a custom-designed and developed WooCommerce wholesale theme.

Next, we developed UX and UI features designed to support customers nationwide.

For instance, customers can place wholesale orders through an Order Matrix table, which gives customers visibility into Storm Creek’s real-time available inventory. This drives efficiency and increases sales for Storm Creek.

Here is an example of the order matrix table we developed:


Further, we transformed how Storm Creek’s customers buy by giving them the ability to upload a logo, chose their decoration location and type, and insert order notes.


We created the capability for customers to customize orders by adding a logo or decoration on the product page. This results in an automated purchasing process that benefits both the customer, as well as automate the sales process for Storm Creek.

Finding products quickly on an ecommerce website can make a big difference in customer experience. SG Web Partners implemented Custom Search Autocomplete features, which reduce the number of steps in conversion by offering the perfect search tool that helps customers find and buy products quickly.


Another significant feature we implemented with Order Tracking. As customers are eagerly waiting for their shipments, adding a shipment tracking link to their Orders page allows you to keep customers updated on the whereabouts of their orders. This results in improved customer experience for the customer and automates more of the order process for Storm Creek employees.

With some of these notable site enhancements designed to further augment Storm Creek’s Ecommerce footprint, we moved along to one of the most important, if not most important, feature in the project: WooCommerce ERP Integration!

Additionally, we coded an entirely custom Filemaker ERP to WooCommerce Integration to facilitate data flow between front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

To close out the project, we designed multiple landing pages for StormCreeks philanthropic program called the ‘Embrace The Cause’ Initiative. Throughout the entire process, our team collaborated with internal information Storm Creek technology stakeholders and ensure long-term backend sustainability post-launch. 

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