How to setup Integromat on WooCommerce?

Learn how to integrate WooCommerce with almost anything using Integromat.

Integromat is like Zapier, but on steroids.

For example, I can export all orders with the Processing status to a Google Sheet.

Or, I want to listen for new WooCommerce Orders and create a Sales Order and Invoice in Zoho Books.

Or, each time an order fails in WooCommerce I want to send a email to myself.

Are you someone who knows what they’re doing and needs an advanced setup? For example, Zapier is too limited but you understand generating API keys, tokens, etc?

I would look at using Integromat.

APIs are a buzz word.

I remember thinking API? Easy.

However the opposite is true.

Stuff breaks all the time.

It’s time consuming debugging issues.

Tokens expire or no longer work causing data loss.

Simon Gondeck

I’m a big fan of WordPress + WooCommerce (especially WooCommerce Subscriptions). Check out my YouTube channel.

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